What is a Purine? A Purine is a part of the bases adenine and guanine which are constituents of nucleic acids (DNA/RNA) which, when fully broken down in the body form uric acid and xanthine, theobromine (stimulant in chocolate) and caffeine. Purines provide part of the chemical structure of virtually all genetics and are, therefore,… Continue reading Purines

AAFCO is looking to change the name “by-product”

AAFCO is currently in the process of trying to find a new name for "by-products." This is because they are aware that consumers feel that by-products are unacceptable and/or undesirable. Rather than eliminating by-products (which consists of all the questionable and unwanted products from other industries) they are simply seeking to change the name so… Continue reading AAFCO is looking to change the name “by-product”

Corn Gluten Meal – More than a corn derivative

Corn Gluten Meal sounds a lot like some sort of corn derivative. When I think of it I think, "well I know it's not just corn... it sounds like it's a fractionated corn product, consisting of the glutenous portion and smashed down into a less nutritious meal." It took me 15 years in this industry… Continue reading Corn Gluten Meal – More than a corn derivative

“Wheat” as a product – AAFCO Definition

Like any bureaucracy, AAFCO definitions and documentation can be tedious and lengthy. That's why I allotted several hours to the task of tackling the AAFCO definition of the additive and ingredient "wheat." But, in this case I was surprised to find... AAFCO Publication: Page 626 Index: "Wheat" ......... page 387, page.... wait, what?  One page? … Continue reading “Wheat” as a product – AAFCO Definition

How to know if a synthetic ingredient is safe.

Often times a product will contain a variety of supplements at the end of an ingredient panel.  It's usually difficult to know if these ingredients are ok and easy to assume that they wouldn't be there if they weren't safe and beneficial.  Here are a few facts that may assist you in knowing how to… Continue reading How to know if a synthetic ingredient is safe.