Food Regulation Facts Alliance was created to give you an education and a voice in the Regulatory side of the Pet and Agricultural Feed Industry. So often these days people find themselves unable to determine the quality of a product based on the label or ingredients. Food Regulation Facts Alliance was created to provide members with an education of what a product can be based on the rules and regulations within the industry, as well as assist them in learning what questions to ask a company and allow them to have an interactive voice in making positive changes in the industry.
Food Regulation Facts Alliance provides members access to past, present and future information from regulatory agencies such as AAFCO, FDA, CDC, USDA, Departments of Agriculture and more. It also provides members access to information about old, new and upcoming regulations on manufacturers (those that affect manufacturers and consumers alike) such as FSMA, HACCP plans, Zero Tolerance Policies and much more.
We are here to be the change we want to see in the world and with your assistance as a paid member or interactive advocate we are able to fund the expenses associated with being a part of creating this change.
Thank you for your contributions in the form of membership fees and sharing our website, information and goals with your friends and loved ones. We hope to create an unstoppable alliance that regulators can’t say no to!!! … A voice that can’t be quieted!!! A stance that can’t be fought against!!! With all of us together, change is possible. Become a part of it and join us today!!!