Ozone Therapy and the Science Behind It

Ozone Therapy
What it is and why you need it

Ozone Therapy is a holistic alternative therapy used to heal and detoxify the body. Ozone Therapy can be given via the lungs, blood, and rectum or topically in an olive oil infusion, depending on the condition. It utilizes the benefits of the reaction of O3, Ozone, in the body rather than O2, Oxygen, because Ozone is more reactive in the body.

Here is a list of a few of the benefits one might gain from Ozone Therapy Treatment:
– It stimulates the production of white blood cells that fight viruses, bacteria, fungi and cancer.
– It increases interferon levels which are globular proteins that orchestrate every aspect of the immune system. Some interferons are produced by cells infected by viruses. In other words ozone inhibits viral replication. Viruses such as Chronic Hepatitis B and C, Genital Warts (papillomavirus, Hairy-cell Leukemia, Kaposi’s Sarcoma, Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis and Chronic Granulomatous Disease), HIV, Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Colon Tumors, Kidney Tumors, Bladder Cancer, Malignant Melanoma, Basal Cell Carcinoma and Leishmaniosis.
– It stimulates the production of Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) which prohibits the growth of metastatic cancer cells in the blood and lymph.
– It stimulates the secretion of Interluekin-2 which is one of the cornerstones of the immune system. It is secreted by T-helpers that prevent autoimmune diseases. IL-2 primarily regulates leukocytes/lymphocytes that respond to microbial infections such as E. coli and molds.
– Even at very low doses it kills most bacterial infections such as Bubonic Plague, Tuberculosis, bacterial Pneumonia, Botulism, Typhoid, Cholera, Diphtheria, bacterial Meningitis and Syphilis.
– It is effective against all types of fungi including Candida Albicans yeast, athlete’s foot, molds, mildews, yeasts and even mushrooms. Cells infected with viruses have a natural weakness to ozone whereas the metabolic burden of the infection makes the cell unable to product the enzymes necessary to deal with the Ozone and repair the cell, thus killing the virus.
– It is antineoplastic, meaning that it inhibits the growth of new tissue, like from cancerous tumors, because rapidly dividing cells shift their priorities away from producing enzymes needed to protect themselves by the Ozone.
– It increases the flexibility and elasticity of red blood cells which aids their passage through the tiny vessels and makes the exchange of gas more efficient.
– It accelerates the Citric Acid Cycle/Krebs’s Cycle/TCA Cycle which is important for glycolysis of carbohydrate for energy. Ozone makes the anti-oxidant enzyme system more efficient. Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide are involved in the process of eliminating Lactic Acid from the bloodstream and turning foods into energy. Therefore, without sufficient levels of both the body would not be able to transfer foods into energy resulting a variety of maladies.
– It degrades phytochemicals that place a great burden on the immune system. Reactions to phytochemicals may cause allergies. Therefore Ozone can decrease allergic responses.

While inadequate oxygen levels are cause for disease, it is also important to consider the relationship and balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Oxygen (O2) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) are both essential nutrients that provide energy to all cells. Under clinical conditions, low O2 and low CO2 generally occur together, resulting in a cascade of dis-ease states caused by chronic cellular O2/CO2 nutrient deprivation. Ozone Therapy supplies the body with Oxygen which, through natural diffusion and the body’s obligatory desire for homeostasis, increases CO2 nutrient levels as well. Some disease states, however, impair and imbalance the body so severely that conjunctive supplementation of CO2 producing bicarbonate and/or Niacinamide supplementation is beneficial for optimal results.

Poor posture, anxiety/panic attacks, tension, poor breathing habits, chronic pain, heart disease, illness or disease of the lungs (COPD, bronchitis, emphysema, pulmonary edema, etc), medication (such as pain killers, etc) that decrease respiration, anemia (low number of red blood cells that carry oxygen. Anemia can be caused by and/or worsen cancer, iron deficiency, vitamin deficiency, chronic disease, etc) and chronic stress all may cause imbalances in the O2/ CO2 ratios in the blood. Most pets and people have unconsciously poor breathing habits and hold their breaths high in the chest or in a shallow, irregular manner. Typical shallow breathing patterns actually trigger physiological and psychological stress and anxiety reactions. Hypoventilation causes excessive buildup of CO2 which is taxing to the kidneys as it is their job to compensate for the buildup of Carbonic Acid and CO2 in the blood. Hyperventilation also causes excessive depletion of CO2 which results in IMPAIRED oxygenation of body tissues resulting in hypoxia. It is therefore the BALANCE of CO2 and O2 that is important. If your pet (or you) are not breathing appropriately you may cause imbalances that, over time, may allow dis-eases within the body tissues to proliferate due to a chronic deficiency or toxicity of O2 and CO2 nutrients. An imbalance of one or the other is damaging to the body… they are married to each other in an eternal physiological dance.

CO2 converts to carbonic acid in the body. It is a primary regulator of the body’s acid/alkaline balance thus deficiency of CO2 can cause a condition of high pH called Alkalosis, while excessive CO2 can cause low pH leading to Acidosis, both of which impact the health of the kidneys. CO2 deficiency (high pH/alkalosis) results in spasms throughout the body (such as asthma attacks, migraines and other smooth tissue dysfunctions), angina, high blood pressure, chest pain, myocardial infarction, strokes, and poor digestion leading to ulcers (as CO2 assists the body in producing sufficient gastric excretions for digestion). CO2 excess (low pH/acidosis) results in fatigue, drowsiness, confusion, shortness of breath, sleepiness, headache, altered appetite, weight gain, muscle weakness, bone pain, joint pain, retinal edema, osteoporosis and some cancers. Ozone Therapy rebalances this relationship and, thus, could resolve all of these issues. Imbalances in O2/CO2 balance often cause an increase in the levels of Hydrogen (H+) in the blood. This increases the acidity of body tissues which is a fundamental property of cancer. Lactic acid can trigger the defensive reactions of the tissues. Elimination of these acids can be assisted by supplementing Ozone Therapy, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda + stomach acid = salt + water + carbon dioxide) and Niacinamide (reverts lactic acid out of the blood and back into the liver to be eliminated) which allow for a rebalancing of O2/CO2 nutrients and their waste products from the tissues. Baking Soda provides the bicarbonate buffer necessary to balance the lung and kidney relationship which regulates pH as it drives up CO2 levels in the blood which increases oxygenation to the cells. While Ozone Therapy and Niacinamide are safe to give no matter the pH levels, supplementation with Baking Soda should only be done if the pH level is confirmed to be too Alkaline (high) because this indicates a CO2 deficiency.

Exercise also assists in regulating this balance but, unfortunately, those with infections, pain and cancer generally have difficulty exercising regularly. Coupling Ozone Therapy with Chiropractic adjustments to resolve mal-alignments in the spine and posture, thus normalizing respiration may assist the long term efficacy of the Ozone Treatment.

For information on how to access Ozone Therapy, supplemental alternatives to traveling to an Ozone machine, and additional support about this topic please join FRFA today and help us work toward a better future for our pets and planet.

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