AAFCO is looking to change the name “by-product”

AAFCO is currently in the process of trying to find a new name for “by-products.” This is because they are aware that consumers feel that by-products are unacceptable and/or undesirable. Rather than eliminating by-products (which consists of all the questionable and unwanted products from other industries) they are simply seeking to change the name so consumers believe that poor quality companies are increasing their standards by no longer using them… the reality, though, is that business will continue as usual for these companies.

Some of you might be wondering how bad by-products really are because you may of had someone like your vet tell you they’re actually healthy. The quick breakdown is that it depends on the company. In some cases they are awful and horrifying, and in some cases they’re not that bad (this doesn’t mean they’re good).

In reality, when we think “Beef by-product” we want to imagine a steak that maybe didn’t make the cut of supreme and epic beauty to end up at Outback Steakhouse… so it went to dog food. This is not a by-product. Things a by-product can be include, but are not limited to:
– Meat recalled for pathogenic contamination (you may feel this isn’t actually legal due to adulteration laws but, unfortunately it is in some cases which is a post we’ll do another time).
– Cuts of meat that human’s don’t want (this can include everything from neck meat from organically raised cattle all the way down to cancerous tumors… it’s a by-product… who knows what it really is anyways, right?)
– The 4D meats that are deemed unacceptable for pretty much any use. As of 2017 there are 15.12 million tons of waste that are considered toxic that are currently used in pet and agricultural feed. AAFCO, the FDA, the EPA and Departments of Agriculture have been discussing the idea of not allowing these ingredients in feed and thus improving the quality of feed products nationwide… however, the discussion (and argument against this improvement) is that it would cost a lot of money to do something else with it. Most landfills won’t accept this junk, and the cost of getting rid of it in other ways may be too high for them to feel is acceptable.
– Waste from the Biodiesel industry … once certain products are done being stripped of their nutrient uses there is a fibrous waste product that is unusable for that industry and this is sold to the pet or agricultural food industry. This includes corn, mustard seed (it’s coming), soy and other grain products.
– Waste from the Oliochemical Industry… same as above, things like hydrolyzed glycerides and other ingredients are waste from this industry that are used as food for pets and agriculture.
– Waste from the Brewing Industry … Brewer’s rice is the rice that is swept off the floors
– Waste from the Rendering and multiple other big industries.
Some by-products are not even labeled as “by-product” and are. Some by-products are so non-descriptive that even the manufacturing company isn’t required to know what it is!!!

For more detailed information or to become a voice in ensuring that AAFCO doesn’t change the name “by-product” just to pull the wool over consumers eyes please sign up to become a member with FRFA. https://foodregulationfacts.com/

The Food Regulation Facts Alliance was created to provide holistic minded consumers, independent retailers and small holistic manufacturers a voice within the Pet and Agricultural Feed Industry. Becoming a Consumer with FRFA will allow you access to complete educational articles posted by FRFA. Becoming an Advocate, Sponsor or Guru will provide you with varying levels of education, interaction, contribution and one-on-one support with FRFA.

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Thank you for supporting our cause

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