Why FRFA is important

Cutting through commercial disinformation

Unbiased answers are hard to find in the human and pet food industries.
Food Regulation Facts Alliance investigates commercial claims in order to protect the independence and viability of retailers and consumers.

What does FRFA stand for?

FRFA stands for Food Regulation Facts Alliance

Why is it important?

Currently, most retail stores, small manufacturers and consumers are minimally exposed to Pet Supply and Agricultural Industry Rules and Regulations, often accessing their information solely through web searches, documentaries, bloggers, and what they are told by seeming authorities on the subject.  However, even authority figures within the FDA, Departments of Agriculture and AAFCO are often misinformed or confused by the extensive and ever-changing policies, definitions, histories, statistics and burdensome information available regarding finalized rules and regulations. This information is even more confusing when worldly issues come into play, as regulators must deal with not only pet and agricultural feed industries, but also the Bio-diesel, Oliochemical, Waste and other industries when considering definitions and regulations regarding pet and agricultural feeds.

Aside from factual and complete information being minimally available, retail stores, manufacturers and consumers are also often left frustrated by simply finding out that a rule or regulation has passed, though it completely opposes what they feel is reasonable or ethical based on their knowledge of the industry.  FRFA provides a platform for independent retailers and holistic-minded consumers to gather and contribute to factual educational information about industry occurrences before they are finalized, and also offers the option (for retailers – if you are a consumer or small manufacturer we can direct you to the correct organization for your needs) of having a voice at these regulatory meetings.  Many retail store owners and employees, small manufacturers and consumers dedicate their lives to becoming professionals on topics that could assist law-makers in creating ethical and positive changes in the industry but they have no knowledge of when, where, how or why to get involved at the regulatory level.  Additionally, these events are time consuming, expensive and often frustrating.

FRFA is a platform to get involved, learn, and be a voice in the industry while escaping the time burdens, expenses and frustrations of attending the meetings yourself. Additionally, FRFA combines knowledge, fact, opinion and passion from people nationwide, allowing for the most effective single presence at these meetings.

What does FRFA provide that allows me the education and involvement that I want to have?

FRFA provides members access to regularly updated AAFCO, FDA and DOA information, including new rules and regulations, rules and regulations being considered by AAFCO and the FDA, pathogen and regulatory concerns of industry officials and much more. It also provides a look into confusing specifics of ingredient definitions, such as what synthetic methionine is really made out of. It provides access to statistics and facts sourced from FDA, CDC, AAFCO, PFI and other sites. Often times these statistics and facts contradict information published by these same organizations. FRFA provides AAFCO meeting agenda’s to members prior to the meetings, allowing members the opportunity to contribute to the agenda at the meetings.  FRFA then provides members access to occurrences within the meetings in real time, followed by AAFCO and regulatory meeting summaries. FRFA summaries provide members with a competitive edge in the industry, with an insiders perspective of the industry.  FRFA also provides members with an opportunity to contribute to ideas on how to resolve concerns within related industries such as the Bio-diesel, Oliochemical, Rendering, Waste and other industries.

  • Feedback from pet parents nationwide, which could help you proactively identify consumer trends or product concerns, ultimately giving you the upper-hand in the market
  • Regulatory facts and changes as they pertain to you and/or your business
  • Legal or regulatory information that affects retailers such as CBD laws, changes in FDA or DOA policy, sterilization techniques in pet food, etc
  • Manufacturer updates
  • New science relating to outdated industry claims (HPP, Mechanically Separated Meats, Dilated Cardio Myopathy in grain-free diets, synthetics, etc.)
  • How to read ingredients from a regulatory perspective and develop a deeper understanding of what labels are telling you
  • Opportunities to participate in industry advocacy and change


Can product manufacturers pay for advertising or support from FRFA? 

Nope.  We base our information on science, quality, sourcing and a long list of comprehensive industry considerations that go beyond a label and far, far beyond what advertising funds could ever cover.  Ethically, we feel that the education, needs and trust of the public are more important that the perpetuation of even the best products on the market.  That doesn’t mean we won’t make recommendations for companies that we love, but if we ever make a recommendation its because they exemplify what we know to be ethically superior in the industry.